Volunteer Spotlight: Pat Schellenberg

Pat joined AVHS in November of last year.

She was drawn to the Hospice because it feels welcoming, and everyone involved is willing to contribute and help those in need as a team.

For Pat, the family comes first, and many family gatherings occur throughout the year. She also loves to paint with oils, listen to music, go on walks, or do gardening in her free time.

Pat has lived all her life in Port Alberni.

She also loves travelling, which she did when working as a travel agent for 30 years.

In her previous work life, Pat was also a Pre-Planning Advisor, which helped her clients and their families to get their affairs in order.

Pat wants to give back to the community, which has helped her in the past.

She brings her broad knowledge now to Hospice, and meets with clients to discuss their wishes, and helps them organize their personal needs.

When asked how volunteering with AVHS impacts her, Pat states it shows how much people care for their clients when facing the most difficult times.

The biggest surprise for Pat was how many avenues of help are required to make Hospice a success. Pat has never realized how much Hospice does for the clients and their families, whether at Ty Watson or out in the community.

If she could encourage someone else to volunteer with AVHS, Pat would pass along how rewarding it is to comfort and support all in need, and she points out also meeting and getting to know all who work and volunteer with Hospice.


Thank you, Pat, for your heartfelt compassion.

We are grateful and blessed to have you join the team!

Thank you so much for all you do!


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