Volunteer Spotlight: Miriam March

March/April 2022


I had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down for a nice chat with our next spotlight volunteer Miriam March.
“What’s important to me and fills my heart, is knowing that our Residents and their loved ones are being cared for and supported” 

Miriam started volunteering many years ago with The Association for Rehabilitation and Brain Injuries (ARBI), when Miriam and her family were living in Calgary, Alberta.  A close and dear friend of Miriam’s had a son that suffered a brain injury due to an accident involving a vehicle. It was at this time that Miriam felt the need to help and support her friend and their family.  

After leaving Calgary Miriam moved to Qualicum and then in August of 2021 made the move to Port Alberni, it was through friends and family that Miriam was approached to join AVHS Ty Watson House as a hospice volunteer.  Miriam has always loved helping others in need and felt this would be a great way to support her community and meet some new people and create lasting friendships.

Along with volunteering at Ty Watson House, Miriam has been a member of the choir for the last 7 to 8 years, and she continues to meet with the group every Monday evening.  Every Wednesday when you enter the Ty Watson House you will hear Miriam singing or humming a tune.  Everyone that has had the opportunity to work with Miriam have shared with me the joy, warmth and kindness that she brings to the house every shift.  Miriam’s focus when she enters the house is on our Residents and their loved ones.

When I asked Miriam what she has learned about herself while volunteering with AVHS she paused for a moment looked right into my eyes and stated “I’m a fighter and no one will ever stop me from doing what is right”. At that moment I could feel Miriam’s strength and positive energy and I felt myself sitting up straight with my chin up.  That is the same affect that Miriam has on her co-workers.  Miriam shared that her biggest surprise about volunteering was the amount of compassion and strong team work that she witnessed between our employees and volunteers.  Miriam shared with me her feelings when she arrived the first day.  “To be honest, when I arrived all I felt was warmth and love.  There are a lot of compassionate people here at Ty Watson House”. 

I asked Miriam if you could encourage someone else to volunteer with hospice what would you say?  Miriam said “It makes you feel great and most important, you are needed”.  Volunteering is very important to Miriam, so I asked Miriam what motivates her to stay involved, Miriam pointed to her chest and said “it fills my heart, I like being with others”.  Thank you Miriam for taking the time to share a beautiful piece of yourself.

Crystal LeBlanc
Hospice Services Coordinator

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